Cauliflower Buffalo Wings

These buffalo cauliflower wings are the bomb and just as crunchy, savory, spicy and delicious as their unhealthy replacement.  I am all for enjoying life and moderation but chicken wings are almost all skin and fat and then fried… they are not good for you. Sorry to rain on your parade if you are a […]

Steph’s Grain-free Tabbouleh

This grain-free and raw tabbouleh is packed with flavor and pairs nicely with stuffed grape leaves, hummus, vegan feta, olives and pita bread (or Siete grain-free tortilla chips). My version of tabbouleh is light and fresh and the texture of the riced cauliflower is very similar to bulgur wheat; but without the gluten and calories. […]

New Year Same Me

As we close out January, I’m sure many people are realizing that their New Year’s resolutions are practically unattainable. Through my experience of life as well as examining my peers, family, and friends I see a pattern every year when the new year rolls around. We all say to ourselves, this will be my year […]