Work with Steph

Consultation Call

Everyone has different goals and lifestyle limitations. There is no “one size fits all” program. We discuss your goals and I will put together a customized plan. 

The benefit of a customized plan is that you are more likely to stick with making changes that are attainable for you…making life-long changes that will positively impact your longevity, wellness and health for the rest of your life. A plan you can stick with…results you will see and feel.

Meal Plan Consulting

There are many “hidden ingredients” in foods that people think are healthy so I will make suggestions on very specific products that I value and trust. I also spend a lot of time sourcing and finding the best plant-based alternatives; making it easy to stick with your plan. 

Sometimes the hardest part of making the decision to make changes to your diet is not knowing what to eat. I take the guess-work out of meal planning and make it super easy, fun and tasty!

Pantry Audit

Many clients have hidden dangers lurking in their pantry, refrigerator and freezer and have no idea. I will help you identify ingredients that should be avoided. 

There are many healthy alternatives to some of your favorite foods in your kitchen and I will help you swap those out with suggestions on products that could replace those “not so healthy” items.

Plant Based catering & event planning

I help you plan out a vegan menu that everyone will enjoy-even non-vegans & kids!

You have options! I can help you plan your party and provide you with a menu and recipes that you prepare yourself….or if you are local to San Diego and interested in catering, I can provide the full menu for your party. 

I have come up menus and recipes for all types of occasion – Thanksgiving, brunch, BBQ, dinner parties and you will surprise and impress your friends and family with a meal that tastes amazing sans any animal products! 


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