About Steph's Fit Culture

Steph and her kids have helped many families transition to more plant-based and non-toxic living by showing them the benefits and ease of making little changes to their lifestyle. It has been a long time dream of Steph’s to share her passion for health and wellness with a bigger audience and bring Steph’s Fit Culture to life through this website.

Meet Steph

Stephany started her career in finance but always had a passion for health, fitness, fashion and an entrepreneurial spirit focused on helping people. In her spare time she developed plant-based recipes and studied the benefits of nutrition, diet and homeopathic alternatives on longevity, health, hormones and anti-aging. After years in the finance world, she decided to pursue her passion for fitness by opening Bodyrok – a Pilates and spin studio that has transformed the way people work out.

Meet Steph

Steph is the owner of Bodyrok Encinitas and Del Mar; with a new location in Little Italy/Downtown San Diego opening later this year. Stephany has lived in San Diego for over 20 years where she has influenced a large following of clients and friends to transform their lives through fitness, nutrition and a healthy lifestyle. Steph is a single mom to four children; passionately teaching her children how to make better lifestyle decisions that help them feel good about themselves, help them perform better in their sports & in school, and care about the planet.

Meet Chase

Chase will be sharing his thoughts and perspective on navigating a healthy and balanced lifestyle as a teenager. Chase has been vegan for many years and is a big advocate for helping kids make healthier choices. He will be discussing how these lifestyle choices gave him more confidence, energy and happiness during a time when many teenagers struggle to follow the crowd. Chase has been a light for many kids and families looking for ways to improve their health and overall well being. Chase might only be 16 years old, but he is wise beyond his years and will be dropping some truth bombs here on Steph’s Fit Culture.

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Meet Steph