Why IV Therapy is Part of My Wellness and Anti-aging Routine

IV therapy has been my go to immunity boosting tool for staying healthy for nearly a decade and as I discussed previously in Kick It an IV filled with immune boosting vitamins provides a potent defense against bugs and viruses. I typically visit my long time homeopathic doctor, Dr. Kim Kelly in Encinitas twice a month to get an immunity IV because it is very effective at avoiding getting sick, especially when you are traveling or exposed to people that are sick.  While this might sound excessive, trust me  – it’s a necessity, especially in the winter. It’s a proactive step to combat flu, colds, and fatigue, alleviate hangovers, and more.  So if you’re interested in hearing more about why I utilize IV therapy, then read on! 

The Intriguing World of Drip Bars and IV Lounges:

As the world of IV therapy has evolved and expanded to address anti-aging, weight loss, radiant and youthful skin, increased energy and performance, and all the things that people want in order to look and feel their best, there has been a tremendous growth in demand for IV therapy. Hence the evolution of IV lounges and drip bars that focus on meeting the demands of the ever evolving world of health, wellness and anti-aging. Within the serene confines of a drip bar, this experience transcends conventional health practices, delivering a meticulously crafted infusion of vitamins and nutrients designed to not only fortify the body, but also help you look, feel and age better. While I still visit Dr. Kelly for my immunity IV, I have added a monthly visit to an IV lounge because they offer a wider range of IV options beyond building your immune system. Many of these IV lounges and drip bars feel like major luxury where you get to recline comfortably while a tailored blend of vitamins and nutrients drips gently into your system. My favorite is Alchemy Health at One Paseo in Del Mar. 

Unlocking the Distinctive Power of IV Therapy:

So, why should you choose IV therapy over oral supplements that promise the same type of results as an IV?  It’s simple – absorption. IV therapy stands out for its unparalleled effectiveness compared to traditional oral supplements. While oral ingestion achieves a mere 30% absorption rate, IV therapy takes the lead with an impressive 100% absorption, ensuring that each infusion contributes substantially to one’s vitality. It’s not merely a health boost; it’s a direct infusion of goodness, redefining the concept of supplements.

Anti-Aging Elegance with NAD:

Beyond the immediate wellness perks, IV therapy has an intriguing role in the realm of anti-aging. IV therapy introduces the regal ingredient, NAD – a coenzyme that rekindles cellular energy production. Using NAD in an IV boosts mitochondria to increase the length of your telomeres, protective caps located at the ends of chromosomes. These telomeres become shorter as you age and by adding NAD, certain proteins increase that are linked with slower aging and DNA repair. This isn’t merely about preserving a youthful appearance or feeling good; it’s a journey to defy aging from within, revitalizing cells for a more radiant, youthful version of oneself. Studies have shown that NAD can slow down the aging process, promote weight loss, improve cognitive and neurological function. It is also very helpful with combating depression and anxiety; as well as a major energy booster. I have specifically noticed that when I use NAD in my IV, I have better focus, my skin is glowing and my energy is improved. 

The IV Therapy Experience:

With the evolution of the IV lounge/drip bar, the process of getting an IV is very easy and comfortable. Beyond the initial tiny pinch of the needle, it is also fairly painless. Post IV, some people may experience a slight flush, a sensation resembling a mild sunburn, but it usually dissipates quickly and you are left feeling better than when you walked in! The experience is far from the sterile medical encounters of the past. It’s a blend of comfort and rejuvenation, an investment in your present and future well-being.  As with any wellness endeavor, the post-procedure phase is crucial. It is important to hydrate and eat healthy food in order to get the full benefits of IV therapy that will last. 

Navigating Wellness and Aging Gracefully:

As we continue to navigate the intricate path of wellness and aging gracefully, IV therapy emerges as a trusted companion. It’s not just a treatment; it’s a lifestyle choice. And much like the laser therapies that I discussed in The Tale of Two Lasers, IV therapy promises a rejuvenation that transcends the surface, nourishing the very essence of vitality.

So, join me on this adventure to the drip bar, where each drip is a sip into a healthier, more vibrant future. Here’s to embracing wellness, inside and out!


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