Low Testosterone Could Be Causing Your Back Pain

the link between testosterone and back pain

Many people tend to think of testosterone as an exclusively male hormone, but I am excited to share with you my experience with testosterone therapy and the amazing benefits that women gain from it too. Testosterone isn’t just for men and could be the missing puzzle piece when it comes to eliminating back pain and aging gracefully. Testosterone levels start to decline in our mid-to-late 30s and can affect women’s bone density and muscle mass. Testosterone also plays a major role in cognitive function, mood, sexual function, and energy. In terms of anti-aging, testosterone is vital in the production of collagen and skin thickness; lower levels lead to wrinkles and sagging skin. Adding testosterone back can transform your body and well-being as I have learned firsthand from my experience. 

Why Women Need Testosterone

As I journeyed into my 50s, I noticed some changes in my body. Despite my consistent workouts and healthy diet, I felt like I was losing strength and carrying a little extra weight around my midsection. Sound familiar? While I assumed this was a natural part of getting older, my research into peptides, hormones, and testosterone made me realize that these symptoms didn’t have to be part of the aging process. I set out on a mission to find the right experts on the subject and that is when I crossed paths with the amazing staff at Optimize U, a company that specializes in a wide range of hormone replacement therapies to combat a long list of symptoms including fatigue, muscle loss, weight gain, low libido, and much more. Their motto is “normal is not optimal” and their mission is to help people age better and improve the quality of their life.  Feeling aligned with their mission, I signed on to have them do a full blood panel and hormone test analysis.  To my surprise, my testosterone levels were almost non-existent, which is a common occurrence as we age. 

Testosterone and Back Pain

Intrigued by the possibility of feeling like my old self (or my younger self), I started testosterone therapy and have been injecting myself with testosterone at home under the guidance of the experts at Optimize U. One of the most remarkable changes I have experienced since starting this journey is the disappearance of my chronic lower back pain that has plagued me for many years. This sharp stabbing pain in my tailbone and lower back pain wouldn’t go away regardless of my efforts to stretch or aggressively treat it with massage and acupuncture. However, after a few weeks of taking testosterone, all of my pain completely disappeared. I was so surprised by this but it turns out that testosterone plays a vital role in maintaining strong muscles, healthy bones and reduces inflammation. By replenishing this hormone, I was able to regain my strength and get rid of the nagging pain that had plagued me for years. I have sent a few clients and friends to Optimize U and they all report similar experiences with eliminating aches and pains.  

Muscles Tone and Increased Energy

Another benefit of taking testosterone is that I have gotten so much stronger. Since starting testosterone therapy, I have seen an increase in muscle tone that I haven’t been able to achieve in many years, despite a healthy diet and regimented workouts. Testosterone therapy made my workouts more effective, and I have noticed a significant increase in muscle definition. Additionally, the extra fat around my belly and hips has gone away. It turns out that testosterone was the missing link between my clean diet and rigorous workouts and a lean and sculpted physique!

Taking testosterone has also helped my energy levels. I had gotten to the point where I felt like my energy tank was running on fumes. Since I started taking testosterone, I have a lot more stamina to conquer my workouts and daily tasks with energy to spare. When you feel better physically, there is an overall sense of well-being that spills through your entire life. 

Sex Hormone 

Testosterone is one of the main sex hormones and helps fuel your sex drive and improves your sex life. It’s also very important for maintaining healthy sensitivity of the clitoris in the female body and while this might be a little TMI, it’s worth mentioning because embracing a healthy and vibrant sex life is an essential part of overall well-being and a healthy lifestyle.

Ask an Expert

Some women may hesitate to take testosterone because of various myths about it, including the idea that it may lower their voice or cause unwanted body hair or acne. When taken under the guidance of an expert, you aren’t likely to experience anything but good results and improvements. If you are interested in exploring testosterone therapy, I recommend that you seek professional guidance from experts like the amazing team at Optimize U

They have been instrumental in my journey, providing the necessary tests, monitoring, and support along the way. Hormone therapy is a personalized experience, and what works for me may not be suitable for everyone. So, please consult with a healthcare professional to determine the best approach for you. If you live in the San Diego area and are interested in getting a consultation or a hormone test done at Optimize U, mention my name to receive a discount for their services. I really like the staff there and they have been super knowledgeable and helpful in my journey and exploration. 

I encourage you to take charge of your health, listen to your body, and don’t be afraid to explore new possibilities. Whether it’s testosterone therapy or other lifestyle changes, remember that you have the power to transform your well-being and live your best life.


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  1. I have been doing testatarone replacement for 14 years. I get subcutaneous pellet two to three times a year. I agree with everything you said. It has made a huge difference in energy, muscle and bone strength and anti depressant. Yes also good for libido. I am 83 years young and still very physically active, Pickleball three times a week!

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